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MEGALITE New Panels 8'x8' and 8'x4' Ideal For Gang-forming

Jul 27, 2021
Up to 45% discount. One system = Unlimited Possibilities

ULMA's MEGALITE panels are lightweight, available in imperial measurements, ideal for concrete walls, columns, and pilasters in building construction and civil engineering projects.

The latest offer introduces the new MEGALITE panels in 8'x8,' and 8'x4', perfect for gang-forming projects. 

The key benefits of the new panels include quick assembly due to its symmetrical design, high safety design that meets OSHA requirements & modular design; panels in a vertical or horizontal position. 

Some of the key features include:

  • 100% Galvanized frame for longevity.
  • NEW PANELS 8'x8' and 8'x4' are compatible with MEGALITE's wide panel range:
    • Panel height: 8', 6', 5', 4'
    • Panel width: 2', 2.5', 1.5', 1', 0.5'
    • Fillers: 2", 4"
  • Ideal for Gang-formwork, reducing crane picks.
  • Concrete pressure: 1250 psf.
  • Compatible with Steel-Ply, MEGAFORM, UCAB, ALUPROP Forming, MK20 Form, RKS, and STRIPPING CORNER MAX.

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