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FORMADECK, the Key to Your Success

Aug 18, 2017
FORMADECK is a handset shoring system designed to maximize labor productivity and reduce formwork cycle time.
Best in class productivity is achieved through the use of an 8’ x 8’ grid pattern.

Two workers can erect up to 650 ft2 per hour (using an 8' x 8' grid, the largest grid available on the market) this increases productivity with workers handling up to 34% fewer pieces; more square feet per day can be installed allowing shorter pouring and stripping cycles that saves time and money. This provides labor savings of up to 46%.

FORMADECK can ship in an optimized load of approximately 7,000 ft2 of ready to install equipment per truck, reducing freight costs.

The 8’ x 8’ and 6’x 8’ grid pattern reduces the amount of post shores required and provides wide open bays for easy maneuvering of equipment around the jobsite.

FORMADECK’s drop head provides a safe and faster early-retrieval system than “rotary” style stripping mechanisms. FORMADECK’s drop head fixed key prevents accidental disengagement.

FORMADECK’s lightweight design reduces injury risks, worker fatigue, and downtime since the system is assembled from below for a fast, efficient and safe work environment.


These are some of the projects where FORMADECK has been used and/or is currently in use:
  • Atlantic Station in Stamford-CN
  • 321 Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn-NY
  • Larkin Plaza in Yonkers-NY
  • Seward Park in Manhattan-NY
  • West Peach Tree in Atlanta-GA
  • 148-31 88th Street in Queens-NY
  • 38-12 12TH Street in Long Island City-NY
  • Duie Pyle Garage in Bronx-NY
  • The Cypress in Raleigh-NC
  • Messenger Place in Manassas-VA

FORMADECK offers real value and reduces your total costs

See the product animation