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Digital services: Smart, customer-focused collaborative design tools

Dec 13, 2023
Ibai Lazkano, Strategic Marketing Manager: “The myULMA portal has created a closer, more transparent relationship with our customers, helping strengthen the trust between both parties”.

What are the digital services available to our customers?

We adapt some of the smart tools incorporated to our internal business processes and also the collaborative spaces, making them available to the customers for easy, independent access to the various features and advantages and the information they need at any given time.

First of all, there is our add-in ULMA Studio for Autodesk Revit®, which helps design construction projects using the family libraries for ULMA formwork and scaffolding. The BIM models generated not only provide a 3D display of the construction design but also integrate valuable information on the items used, the planning, the cost and the maintenance of the building. This facilitates the decision-making process and reduces the risk of errors during the building's construction and operation.

Another digital service we offer customers is our Scaffmax® scaffold planning software by Softtech. This is an add-in for the 3D SketchUp® Pro modelling software that enables viewing and configuration of the application for our scaffolding – the BRIO multidirectional scaffolding and the DORPA frame scaffolding – on 3D geometry previously generated in SketchUp® Pro. Once the customer has generated the geometry and chosen the facade they can select the application criteria and the BRIO or DORPA scaffold is quickly, automatically and accurately applied to the structure. The customer automatically receives the list of materials they need for their site and a set of drawings for the solution, which are very visual and can be understood with only a basic technical knowledge. On the basis of this automatic solution, the add-in allows changes and corrections to be made manually using smart insertion points. When the design stage is complete, the customer automatically obtains the list of materials they need for their works, together with a set of very visual drawings for the solution.

What other advantages do these digital services offer our customers?

The great advantage of these digital tools is that they are constantly being developed, improved and updated on the basis of our experience, so they are smarter and more automatic and are advancing towards a better, more professional version. As we gradually perfect them and add new smart applications, they will be progressively updated and ordered in Studio Suite, the new space that will host these developments and other new ones to be announced shortly.

What is the myULMA customer portal?

It’s an exclusive service planned and designed to create a direct relationship with our customers, giving them totally independent access to all the information on their construction projects such as delivery notes, invoices, construction drawings and technical documents. They can also access the information on the ULMA scaffolding and formwork through technical specifications, user guides, lists of items and so on. 

The myULMA portal has created a closer, more transparent relationship with our customers, helping strengthen the trust between both parties. Our teamwork philosophy also extends to the relationship with our customers, and it is enhanced by digitisation as it harnesses the synergies and the studies carried out in a collaborative, transparent way and helps us honour our commitment to providing the very best customer service and establish long-term relationships based on proximity and trust. The number of subsidiaries MyULMA works with is gradually increasing, and this is now a service greatly appreciated by our customers.