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CVS, cutting-edge bridge technology

May 20, 2015
The list of MK system applications is ever growing

CVS form carriers (MK System) are meeting customer requirements in each and every one of the markets where they are “put into action”. Brazil, Colombia, Canada and the Czech Republic are just some of the countries where CVS has demonstrated its bridge-building technological prowess.

The form carrier is a mobile structure equipped with a hydraulic system that enables the bridge deck to be built by placing incremental segments in situ.

Being a modular system, it can adapt to different section types and variable deck thicknesses.

Complete and highly cost-effective solution

The CVS form carrier is a flexible and highly effective solution in cases involving complex ground-based shoring, or where large spans need to be covered. It has been designed with a large load-bearing capacity without affecting its flexibility to adapt to different sections.

Once dismantled, both purchase and rental options can be reused on any other project and any of the applications offered by the MK system.

Based on the MK system’s modular concept, the CVS form carrier adapts to different segment geometries. Interior and exterior formwork is independent of each other, enabling a shorter work cycle. Comprising standard and reusable items, and containing fewer parts, equipment costs and weight are reduced in comparison with other custom built carriers.