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COVID-19 Update

Mar 20, 2020
We remain available during our regular business hours (7 am - 5 pm EST) and anticipate ULMA Construction will continue fully operational.

Dear Valued Customer:

The health and safety of our customers and employees are priority amid concerns about the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We would like to share information with you about how we plan to continue to operate safely and effectively. We are closely monitoring and following guidance from world health organizations around the COVID-19. Our preparedness is coordinated as part of our overall business continuity planning. 

Our branches are still operating as usual. Currently there are no interruptions to our operations at this time.

ULMA Form Works, Inc. is implementing a robust business continuity plan to respond to this event, including remote employees and on-site staffing adequately. We have reviewed our capabilities and have identified essential functions so that we can prioritize delivering our products and services to you without interruption.

We at ULMA are committed to the expectations of our customers as always. To be able to accommodate these expectations, we ask for a high level of communication and cooperation with regards to shipments and returns by avoiding the “fire Drills” as much as possible.

We are asking for your cooperation, especially when it comes to returns. Effective immediately, we are temporarily requesting at least 72 hrs. notice for any returns, with a scheduled appointment as per our contracted agreement.

As always, we will do our best to accommodate every shipment and return request; however, early and often, communication is required due to the current crisis.

As noted above, we are committed to your expectations of ULMA. Likewise, we are expecting the same of our customers, by meeting our expectations when it comes to our mutually agreed upon terms and conditions of our existing contracts.

Construction has been identified as an "essential" industry by most government entities, so we're available to answer your calls and ship what you need. We remain available during our regular business hours (7 am - 5 pm EST) and anticipate ULMA Construction will continue fully operational.  If you have any concerns, please reach out to or +1 (201) 882-1122.

We wish you and your families continued good health and well-being.