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Formwork and Shoring for Concrete Construction

Flying Form System VR TABLE

High efficiency for slab construction

The VR table form adapts to any slab type. It’s perfect for projects in building construction with high demand for finishing quality, safety and efficiency.

  • Can be moved from one place to another without dismantling, thereby minimizing risks during assembly and dismantling
  • Quick formwork erection, stripping and material movement, requires less labor: great efficiency
  • Without prop removal when stripping or transferring the tables
  • Easy installation to dimension and leveling of the VR Tables (few props)
  • Versatile system:
    • Tables with pre-defined dimensions or special solutions, depending on requirements
    • Construction of drop beams, column heads and other geometries in slabs
    • Table support with EP props, ALUPROPs or shoring systems are possible
    • Easy and safe solution of cantilevers, due to the specific prop arrangement
    • Easy infilling (plywood rests on beams projecting from tables)
    • Compatible with other formwork systems from ULMA
    • Option to use steel main beams (Walers DU-120 and MK-120)
  • Safe system:
    • Lifting and placing of tables with attached handrails. Safe solution with VR Table perimeter formwork
    • Formwork erection (with plywood) and handrails on the ground, except for infilling work
    • Handrails attached to perimeter tables during the entire building process
    • Elements remain attached from beginning to end