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La Palma Airport, Canary Islands, Spain

High construction performance: safety and speed
The renovation and expansion project of the La Palma airport involves, the construction of a practically new aerodrome.


The renovation and expansion project of the La Palma airport involves, in reality, the construction of a practically new aerodrome, since it includes the expansion of the platform, new accesses, temporary parking area and a new terminal.

ULMA Solution

The platform consists of a building with three underground floors. RECUB waffle formwork with SP Props was used for casting the lightened slab of the first two floors. This system displayed high construction performance, since the entire floor was cast due to its relatively small area. Formwork erection, reinforcement laying and pouring works were carried out under strict safety standards.

The third floor was a solid slab and it was cast with VR Tables supported on EP Props. The particularity of this system lays on the fact that tables are assembled at the beginning of the construction and moved, without being dismantled, from one pouring step to the next one. This feature provides time and cost savings.

The new passenger terminal has a 2,900 m2 arrivals area, an area for carts and 1,300 m2 of systems rooms. The upper floor words as a parking area with capacity for 130 vehicles. This large area was built with the same RECUB formwork and planned in such a way that in the future it may include up to 6 additional floors.

The airport access piers were cast with the perfect combination of climbing brackets and ENKOFORM V-100. This versatile approach was able to solve the various geometries in the construction while using always standard elements.