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OLIMP IV Shopping Mall, Lublin, Poland

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The largest shopping mall in the province of Lublin, with a total surface area of 126,000 m².


The largest shopping mall in the province of Lublin, with a total surface area of 126,000 m2, it consists of two large hypermarkets and 70 shops, as well as a roof and a multi-level parking garage of 18,500 m2.

This building has a monolithic concrete structure, with reinforced walls in the underground areas and a mixed structure above ground.The main façade, at the entrance area, was built using architectural concrete and aluminum structures.The hip roof, made of steel, consists of lattice girders supported by reinforced concrete columns.

The project was designed as a monolithic column and slab system.The reinforced concrete columns, the outer walls and the staircase walls form the base structure of this building.The horizontal structure, established by hanging beams and slabs, formed a grid of 8.5 x 7.85 m. In the north and east areas, where the building is underground, reinforced concrete retaining walls were used.

ULMA Solution

The foundations, divided into 9 lots, were built with the NEVI formwork, which allowed for it to be moved without the use of a crane, as of the initial construction phase. Additionally, it was used as formwork for beam height and vertical structures, as well as columns with dimensions of 70 x 70 cm.The interior walls were also built using the NEVI formwork, with 2 x 3.30 and 2 x 2.70 m configurations.The BRIO system was used as a safety and vertical communication system.

The slabs and hanging beams were executed with ENKOFLEX formwork supported on T-60 Shoring System and ALUPROP props.An additional row of support towers was placed along the hanging beams, making it possible to create a wide and safe working platform.

The six-level parking garage, located adjacent to the shopping mall, was built as a structure of columns and slabs, and an external perimeter small wall.The various levels are communicated by a spiral shaped ramp, which determines and defines the building's structure. The openwork of the walls, as they were circular, was done with BIRA.

The OLIMP III and OLIMP IV buildings are connected by a walkway at the height of the first floor, supported by two columns and a set of cables. The bridge slab was made with a beam system supported on T-60 shoring towers, while NEVI and ENKOFORM V-100 were used in the construction of the columns.