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Formwork and Shoring for Concrete Construction

Project Support

Project Management

We listen to you and work toward the best solution for your project. Our goal is to optimize your results by offering the highest product efficiency at the lowest cost possible.

Our engineers first conduct an initial technical study to define the best solution for your project. This results in the presentation of a proposal without any commitment on the part of our customers.

The specific technical study aims to offer the best combination of products to optimize performance and efficiency regardless of the complexity of the project. This project study by our formwork and shoring experts, supported by the best software, results in a detailed quotation for each customer.

Upon acceptance of the quotation based on the detailed technical study of the project, our team along with the customer, analyze and define the most appropriate material supply sequence to complete the project within the agreed deadlines.

We ensure the delivery of materials to the building site in the shortest possible time. Depending on the requirements of the project, we provide pre-assembled equipment in accordance with operations planning and execution deadlines. High logistics capabilities enable us to respond to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during project execution. Our logistics service ensures the delivery of properly palletized goods, including user guides for each product.

We work closely together with the customer from the beginning of the project to the very end. In addition to the definition and development of the project, ULMA can give on-site advice. We organize the layout and assembly of our products to ensure the reliability and effectiveness for which they have been designed. We also provide the necessary documentation for use and assembly of our products. Involvement is our great added value.

To be able to ensure the best quality service, we carry out an evaluation of the entire process upon project completion. This enables us to learn and improve when beginning new projects. When the contract involves rental equipment, we quickly reconcile the return of material in accordance with the agreed terms.