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Formwork and Shoring for Concrete Construction

Deck Formwork ENKOFORM HMK

Versatile and adaptable for large slabs and bridge decks

ENKOFORM HMK is a horizontal beam-based formwork system adaptable to various geometries in the field of Civil Work.

Advanced design to suit the different sections of bridge decks, overpasses, underpasses and other horizontal structures of reinforced concrete.

Applications of ENKOFORM HMK beam-based horizontal formwork are:

  • Bridge decks of both constant section as well as of variable height and width section
  • Thick slabs
  • Underpasses and overpasses
  • Formwork for bridge construction by incremental segments

Components adaptable to different applications.

  1. Walers: main beams which follow the profile of the bridge deck bottom and wings. They are joined to each other with connectors
  2. Connectors and push-pull props: are used to join the walers to give the formwork the required shape
  3. Beams VM20: secondary beams
  4. Bracing and safety items
  5. Forming face

  • Versatility for the construction of bridges
  • Excellent fit to the shape of section with the connectors. Adaptable to different configurations:
    • Bridges of constant and variable cross section (solid or hollow)
    • Bridges of variable deck depth (solid or hollow)
    • Bridges with very high elevation
  • Sets of high stiffness necessary for handling and transport
  • Fast stripping of formwork units