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Formwork and Scaffolding for construction sites

EXPO 2017 megaproject, Astana, Kazachstan

ULMA is present on the largest construction site in Astan


In 2017 Astana will host the EXPO International Exposition exhibition with the motto of “Future’s Energy”. The exhibition complex is spread over 174 hectares and consists of 2 zones: the exhibition zone – with national and thematic pavilions and entertainment centres – and the services zone – with accommodation and dining and conference facilities. The largest and most experienced construction companies in Kazakhstan are participating in the construction of new structures and modernisation of the existing infrastructure, including, among others, the BI Group Сonstruction. ULMA worked with the subcontractors of that company, responsible for the execution of reinforced concrete work in selected pavilions. 

ULMA Solution

The construction site was supplied with over 2500 m2 of PRIMO wall formwork, 60 PRIMO formwork sets for executing columns and 500 of 6.5 m tall shoring tower sets.

For constructing reinforced concrete floor slabs over the underground levels of pavilion C, concrete work was divided into work plots covering around 600 m2 EACH.

The floor slab structure consists of a monolithic reinforced concrete slab, 0.30 m thick, with 1.0 m tall binding joists and spans between columns up to 8.5 m. Our company supplied universal multi-hole PRIMO wall formwork panels, 1.2 m wide.  This optimised the formwork work time and allowed for executing columns without using binding joists passing through the column structure.

ENKOFLEX beam formwork was designed for executing the floor slab. The top grid consisted of VM timber beams, with spacing up to 0.4 m.

The main beams of the bottom grid consisted of two VM timber beams, which facilitated installation work due to their low weight.

The entirety of the formwork was supported on T-60 shoring towers. The choice of this formwork was dictated by the floor height of 6.35 m.