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Formwork and Scaffolding for construction sites

Cantilever formwork carriage CVS

Flexibility and security in small areas

The CVS cantilever carriage is a formwork system for the construction of cantilevered bridge decks. It is ideal for the construction of bridge decks and bridge arches with large spans or where the ground shoring is complex.

It is remarkably flexible (adapts to any geometry and dimensions of segments) and lightweight (optimises resources for movement: assembly crane, movement of formwork, etc.)

  • Optimised for bridging spans of up to 200 m between piers. Ideal for easily bridging rivers, road intersections, areas where railways and roads converge at the same time, etc.
  • Recommended solution when pier height exceeds 50 m
  • Total safety
    • Ground level pre-assembly
    • Operations are concentrated in a small area on the deck without needing to stop traffic
    • Working platformsfor safe work and access to all working zones
    • Complete lower safety to avoid objects falling from the formwork carriage

  • Flexible high performance system. As well as having a large load-bearing capacity, it adapts to different types of bridge deck sections
  • Based on the MK system, offering a comprehensive carriage and formwork solution with a small number of standard itemsThis represents a cost saving in a field where solutions are specific
  • The carriage as well as the formwork are optimised for each solution
  • Hydraulic system for levelling and forward movement of the CVS carriage, reducing the labour force needed and construction times