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Formwork and Shoring for Concrete Construction

Steel Circular Formwork BIRA

Efficient, long-lasting, adjustable

The BIRA system is a circular steel formwork system for curved walls. The simple mechanism makes it easy to curve according to the required radius.

  • Permissible concrete pressure.
    • 1250 psf with tie rod Ø 0.59in
    • 1650 psf with tie rod Ø 0.787in
  • Minimum curvature radius: 7ft – 2.6in
  • BIRA Formwork is available in imperial measurements
    • Concrete pressure: 1650 psf

  • High-strength steel forming face
  • Panels with only 2 rows of anchors
  • Wide range of panel heights (intervals of  24in are possible)
  • One width per panel (inside, outside)
  • Simple curvature blocking
  • Compatible with MEGAFORM formwork
  • Reduced number of accessories
  • Built-in components for lifting, vertical panel connection and levelling
  • Safe assembly
  • Quick joining of panels with clamps