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Formwork and Shoring for Concrete Construction

Crane-set Formwork MEGAFORM

Effective, efficient, robust

MEGAFORM is a modular wall and column formwork with dimensions in imperial measurements. It is the perfect formwork system for walls and columns for building construction and civil work.

  • Designed in imperial measurements
  • Permissible concrete pressure:
    • Panels: 1650 psf
    • Universal panel, concrete pressure: 1850 psf
  • Panels can be combined, heights: h=10’, h=8’, h=4’ and h=2’
  • Universal panel: widths of 55” and 31”
  • Large panel 10’ x 8’ with 4 rows of anchors in height:
    • hpouring ≤ 10’, with 2 rows of anchors
    • hpouring > 10’, with 4 rows of anchors
  • Panel 8’ x 8’ with 2 rows of anchors in height
  • Universal panels, maximum column section: 48’’ x 48’’

  • Panels with lateral holes that can be combined with universal panels and can thus offer solutions for all kinds of geometries
  • Holes in ribs to tie accessories to
  • High-quality phenolic plywood: excellent concrete finishing
  • Erection of large MEGAFORM gangs. Lifting of these gangs with Mega Lifting Hook
  • Indent for panel positioning and stripping
  • Connections between panels with adjustable clamp. One hammer blow is enough. Fillers between panels of up to 4 inches are possible